A Masonic Tie Pin Present

In the Beginning was the Craft

My father has been a Freemason for over seventeen years. Now I know that all masons start in the Craft freemasonry, that’s my limit I’m afraid. And I know that there are steps to becoming a Master Mason. And also know that from time to time you get to become a Worshipful Master – someone that’s in charge for one year. My father has been worshipful master three times.

There’s more information about craft lodges here.

My father’s lodge gathers four times a year, twice before Christmas and twice after. Where they meet to have a meeting, then a nice dinner together and then finish off in the bar. My father gets home very late and is a bit worse the wear for alcohol consumption.

But somehow the four times a year has gone up to about twenty or more meetings a year. My father tells me that he now belongs to several different orders with wonderful sounding names and is a guest to several other lodges. He does tell me the names of those other lodges but I’ve forgotten most of them.

So it’s safe to say that freemasonry is in my father’s blood now.

The Missing Freemason Tie Pin

All the times he been going to these lodges he’s always had a tie pin. But not an ordinary tie bar, a masonic tie pin. This tie pin was gold in color and had some masonic symbols on it.

I remember being quite impressed when I saw it shining on his dark gray/black tie. It looked very regal.

Then I noticed that he’d stopped wearing it. I didn’t notice at first, not precisely. I just noticed something was different. When I did notice, I asked him why he’d stopped wearing it. I thought it might be because he was at a highly level in freemasonry. But No, he had just lost it some place.

A New Masonic Tie Pin

I thought that was quite sad, he seemed a little undressed without his smart tie bar. So I decided to get him a new one. But his birthday was real soon. So it had to be a new freemason tie pin.

I new it had to be gold in color but I wasn’t sure about the rest. I asked my mom and she called one of his freemason brothers and he said get a one that has a compass and square. He told us to go to this site for our masonic tie pin.

That’s exactly what I did and it had two really nice gold plated tie pins to choose from and it came really quick too.

The Present was a Success

My father’s birthday arrived and whole family went out to his favorite restaurant. That’s where we gave him our cards and presents. And boy was he pleased when he opened mine.

The tie pin wasn’t that expensive, less than $10 but it made such an impact. He was very pleased. That website https://ashlarmasonicgifts.com has other great gifts for freemasons. The next time I have to get him a present I’ll go to that same site.