variable temperature kettles for Christmas

My Wife’s Christmas Present

I’ve been thinking what to get my with as a gift for Christmas? I shop early because my wife is the most difficult one of our family to get right. I spend more time chewing over what I should get her, what she’d like, what make sense and what doesn’t. I spend too much time on this one present and always ends up as a last minute dash.

Wife's Christmas presentSo I’m on the case and I’m determined to get my wife’s present done and dusted and under the tree as soon as I can. Nice plan but executing that plan was becoming something I kept putting off. That is until today.

With a day off from work and my wife out all day I could and did muster the energy to get that present. I set myself a goal of getting this done by the end of the day before my wife arrived with all the kids, that she picks up from school, most days.

What to get my Wife for Christmas

So I started with the obvious queries on Google, like “Christmas gifts for women”. After spending an hour doing this I realised I was just wasting time and I ended up searching for things that appealed to me. What I really had to do was get inside her head, use a bit of psychology. What does she moan about that isn’t to do with my bad habits, what would she change or fix.

A Kettle – She’ll love it

stove kettleThe answer came to me when I walked down into our kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee. Waiting for the kettle to boil, that’s when it hit me. The present had to be a “kettle”.

Now I know what you’re thinking “If someone gave me a kettle for Christmas, I’d probably hit them with it”. If those are the types of thoughts you’d have, then I’m right with you. But stay with me a moment longer.

A nice Christmas variable temperature kettle

But this is no ordinary kettle for Christmas. It’s a variable temperature kettle. You see with one of these you can heat the water to any temperature you want. Of course that also includes boiling the water if that’s what you want. This makes it a versatile kettle that does more than just boiling water.

making teaHow to make Oolong tea
How to make Jasmine tea

I can see your still not convinced. Well my wife is called Angela and Angela loves Chinese green tea. There’s several different types, but her favorites are jasmine and oolong. And your not supposed to use boiling water to make these green teas but you can’t use water that’s not hot enough otherwise it will taste just tasteless.

Perfect Tea

Now the penny must be dropping? A variable temperature Christmas kettle makes perfect sense if your spouse likes tea. Buy them a variable temperature kettle and they can heat the water to the perfect temperature for making tea.

So that’s the present sorted out or at least I know what I’m going to buy. But that leads to the next problem. There are a lot of variable temperature kettles to choose from. But which one is best? Well I found this web site where they pick their five best kettles. That makes the choice easier Five Best Variable Temperature Kettles

Better still that same website had an ideal variable temperature kettle for Christmas page. Perfect, and that’s the one I chose. On the basis it was super simple to operate and it didn’t break the bank.

Does she like it?

Well I won’t know the answer to that question until Christmas day. I’ve ordered it, its still yet to arrive but it was bought through Amazon so I have ever faith that it will be here in a day or two. Then wrap it and put under the tree (when it’s put up and decorated. And that’s my most difficult present sorted.

I’ll let you all know if you she clouts me round the head with it on Christmas day. Watch this space.